The Whaley Family in Northern Ireland

My grandfather was Albert Gray Whaley. His parents were George Whaley, and Margaret Dunlop. They came to New York from Northern Ireland around 1848 but barely knew each other in Northern Ireland. George had come from the family homestead on Whaley's Hill in Tandragee, County Armagh. Margaret Dunlop had come from nearby County Down. She had had a lovers quarrel with her boyfriend in County Down, Northern Ireland, and suddenly took a ship to New York where she lived with her sister and became reacquainted with George Whaley, whom she had known briefly in County Armaugh, Northern Ireland. During the summer of 1994 I travelled to Tandragee, County Armagh, and visited the Tandragee Methodist Church where the Whaley family might have worshiped. There I met a distant cousin who owns and showed me Whaley's Hill, and I med the Church organist Tom Atkinson and his wife who were very kind and hospitable to me. I spent some time in the genealogical library in Belfast looking up Whaley family history. My account of the trip written in 1994 is attached in the pdf file,

My Trip to Northern Ireland 1994

Notation and Generation Numbers

The notation for generation numbers and path numbers is explained in
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