New Papers and Book for Turing Centennial 2012

[Soare, 2012a] = [Soare, CTA]
R. I. Soare, Computability Theory and Applications: The Art of Classical Computability, Computability in Europe Series, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2012, to appear.

Frontice.pdf of Soare new book CTA .

[Soare, 2012b]
R. I. Soare, Turing and the Art of Classical Computability, in: Barry Cooper and Jan van Leeuwen (Editors), Alan Turing - His Work and Impact Elsevier, 2012, to appear.

Turing and Michelangelo: The Art of Classical Computability.

[Soare, 2012c]
R. I. Soare, Turing computability and information content, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, , Ed. Samson Abramsky, 2012, to appear.

Turing Computability and Information Content.

[Soare, 2012d]
R. I. Soare, Turing-Post Relativized Computability and Interactive Computing, in: Jack Copeland, Carl Posy, and Oron Shagrir (Editors), Computability: Turing, G\"odel, Church, and Beyond, MIT Press, 2012, to appear.

Turing-Post Relativized Computability .

More Papers on Turing and Computability Theory

For more papers on Turing and Computability Theory see History and Concept of Computability: Four Papers These papers cover the foundation of computability, the roles played by Turing, Church, and Goedel, topics of computability and recursion, the relationship of a Turing automatic machine (a-machine) and a Turing oracle machine (o-machine), and their role in the subject.